Private internet access reviews in Canada 2019

The U.S. has no information retention law unlike other nations of the globe. It implies that software services have the opportunities to provide you with unknown internet browsing experience through VPN. Services such as PIA will not have to save or store your information. It implies that when people browse on the virtual private network, they are not traceable or tracked. Multiple unnamedtop-notch virtual private network service providers such as PIA have been reviewed. The software solution offered by PIA is simple to install, use and straightforward. PIA provides an excellent value for your investment. With the information of PIA reviews in this content, you will discover the features of this top-notch canadian vpn service Canada provider.

PIA  Customer Support:

It is often the joy of clients to be treated with respect and fairly. From the PIA reviews, the new VPN service has 24/7 customers support service that can handle any problem you encounter today or later in the future. One of the best ways to reveal the effectiveness of the service is through its professional customer support. PIA customer support service will reply your emails promptly. Even the most difficult questions or inquiries can be resolved in an ephemeral of time when using PIA VPN service.

PiA for Streaming

Pia is an excellent option to unlock United States content like Netflix, Hulu among others

Pricing Tiers:hqdefault

PIA only provides online one package to customers. From PIA reviews, it is crucial to know that every client is provided with the same features. Nevertheless, each client can select the best payment schedule for their budget. Customers can subscribe to PIA every month. Clients are billed $6.95 per month if the monthly option is chosen. Another option is the every six months plan. Clients have the opportunity of paying for their subscription twice yearly. Customers are billed $35.95 for selecting the every six months option. Finally, there is the yearly option. It is at this juncture that the clients will be billed once in a year for their subscription. Typically, customers will be charged $39.95 for selecting the yearly plan. Nevertheless, it provided a meaningful saving solution for clients.


1. Advanced and sophisticated features.

2. One-click activation.

3. Several payment choices.

4. Fast performance.

5. Multi-platform support.

6. 24-hour support through live chat.

7. Virtual private network kill switch.


1. No method is available to choose specific servers.

2. Very little feedback about errors.

3. No interface.


From the PIA reviews, it is evident that the new VPN service provider offers every unique feature that customers want. The PIA reviews also show that the company offers competitive rates for its service. The PIA reviews prove that the VPN service provider unleashes minimalist interface that will attract most professional users. In a nutshell, the PIA reviews will help anyone looking for the right information to use the new and professional VPN service provider. You can give it a try now.