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In our home, the toys we interact with in our days are natural, open ended materials that are the substance of dreams, ideas, exploration, and magic.  While some are designed with a specific learning purpose in mind, our favorite toys are those that feed the imagination.  Whether the toys are designed for learning or not, for young children, playing is learning.  Many of our toys are homemade by ourselves or others, and are therefore, that much more special.  Here are some links to the toys we love!

Little Chick, little nest - free pattern

Baby Doll
Birthday Crown
Birthday Book

Setting up Play Scenes
Birthday Crown

Meet Alice

Birthday Crown
Natural Stilts

Gnome house, peg people, boat and tent

Wood Rounds
Felt Belt and Crown

77 Simple Things to Do with Baby

Natural Wood Blocks

Felt People
Doll Sling
Outdoor Xylophone
Knit Animals
Little Buddy
Doll Carrier
Felt Wand

Flip Flop Doll

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