Welcome, I'm so glad you've joined me here. I am Gretchen, mom to twins Hadley and Finley and new little one Freja.  My husband, Dave, and I share a home in upstate NY with our three children, our crazy dog, Toba, some bees, five chickens, 2 goats and some fish.  When I have time to paint, I keep a blog with my artwork at The Paintings of Gretchen Stuppy Carlson, and share our adventures in Homesteading at The Backyard Farming Connection.

I've started this space as a way to share our day to day adventures, just as I have shared and been inspired by others' stories and activities.  Here in our home we try to live every day and moment simply and joyfully, valuing the things that matter most to us in that space and time. 

I believe children learn through their experiences in their everyday life, and I appreciate many things about the Montessori and Waldorf philosophies (although not everything).  I believe a young child is remarkably capable of learning and deserves to be surrounded by an environment and rhythm that allows their natural curiosity to blossom.  Young children who are surrounded by beauty, wonder, and nature, learn not only intellectually, but on moral, emotional, and spiritual levels.

To learn more about why I blog, read this post.

Thank you for visiting!

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