Living and Learning

 Living and Learning Spaces for Children

I am a strong believer that children’s environments can serve as a teacher, and how we manage and arrange our homes sends strong messages to kids about our values. I welcome and encourage people to link up their own spaces they’ve created for children.  You can also follow me on Pinterest where I will share some of my favorite spaces that I stumble across.

Living and Learning Art Spaces
Living and Learning Music Spaces
Living and Learning Reading Spaces
Living and Learning Writing Spaces
Living and Learning Science Spaces
Living and Learning Outdoor Space: Children's Garden
Celebrating Artwork


Weekly Rhythm
Morning Circle and Daily Rhythm 

Living and Learning Weeks

Each week we share a story and a series of related activities, inspired by the Waldorf tradition.  These activities are simply the things we naturally do each week, we paint, we sew, we bake, we explore.  Here are some of the stories we've shared:

Golden Hair and the Three Bears
The City Mouse and The Country Mouse
Johnny and the Three Goats

3 Billy Goats Gruff
The Elves and the Shoemaker 
The Wasted Oak Leaf

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