Backyard Farming

What is backyard farming?

For some it is a radical movement toward self-sufficiency.  For some it is a simply the way they live their lives.  For some it is the product of recognizing the value of fresh food and healthy practices, for our bodies and the earth.  The places we call our backyard farms are as varied as the reasons we choose to farm.  One backyard farm may look like a few tomato plants on the deck, while for others it is a barnyard full of animals.  Whatever your farm looks like, when you backyard farm, you actively engage in contributing to your table, your community, your food, and your family.

 Please take a moment to visit The Backyard Farming Connection Hop, a new weekly link up of  farm related posts, and check out the links below to see more about our own backyard farm.

Our Backyard Farm

Our backyard farm is located in Upstate NY on 2 1/2 acres of mostly wooden, clayey, slightly wet land.  Slowly we are building our farm with garden beds and animals including chickens, bees, goats, and a mostly helpful border collie.  Here are a list of farm related posts over the last few years about our time spent together on the land.  Thank you for visiting!

 In March 2011 we got 5 laying hens and built a small chicken tractor.  Chickens are addictive, and it is only a matter of time before we add a few more girls.

Our garden space is an ever evolving series of raised and traditional garden beds,  filled with fruit trees, vegetables and flowers.  We practice organic gardening and learning more and more each year.

We love our bees.  We first got our hive going in spring 2012, and are forever amazed at the busy little bugs frequenting our gardens.

Our goats are new additions to our backyard farm arriving in Sept 2012.  We brought home 2 Pygora kids (a doe and a wether), and are already in love with their gentleness and soft fiber.


Fridge Pickles
Ground Cherry Salsa
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