Vapers the world over, both beginners and those long in the game, will agree nothing destroys your vaping experience as much as a burnt out coil. The terrible after taste of a burnt coil can linger for the rest of the day. It can even make you feel like never touching your vaping device again.

The unfortunate reality is that coils are not designed to last forever and your coil can and will give up on you. Typically there are warning signs that a coil is on its last legs, but sometimes it happens unexpectedly while you’re in the middle of a really good vaping session.

You need to prepare for the worst so your vaping remains smooth, tasty and on song. Luckily, there are ways in which we can prevent our coils from burning out. Ensuring the life of your coils saves you money and keeps you vaping for longer.


Never leave out priming your coil

Every single manufacturer of vaping devices you will come across tells you to prime a coil before first using it. It’s obvious why. The cotton fibres that make up the internal wick of your coil is prone to burning if it is not properly soaked in e-liquid. This is fundamentally where that nasty throat burn and unmistakable taste of a burnt coil comes from. Even if you sometimes get away with vaping a new e-liquid without priming your coil beforehand, it will eventually catch up with you.

As a vaper it’s important to develop the patience of a connoisseur. To prime your coil place as many drops as advised and let it soak for a few minutes. Then top up your tank with e-liquid, and let your device rest for a further 5 to 10 minutes with the coil back inside. This will make sure the cotton inside your coil is nicely soaked with e-liquid negating the possibility of extra dry hits or burnouts.


Say no to chain vaping

When you’re enjoying a very special e-liquid you just can’t put down, it’s natural to want to vape it continuously one draw after the other. As tempting as it may be to chain vape you need to respect your device and its limitations. Chain vaping tends to put your coil under undue stress and may cause it to overheat. This in turn increases the likelihood of your coils burning out before they were meant to.

Also keep this in mind when vaping with E-liquids of higher VG content as these take longer to absorb into coils even during vaping. If you’re fond of taking long cloudy draws from your mod, allow at least 20 seconds before pulling again.


Try a different e-liquid

Supposing you already stick to the aforementioned habits, yet still find your coils burning out too soon, the e-liquid you’re using might be to blame. As you probably know High VG fluids are generally quite thick so perhaps switching to a thinner e-liquid might be the answer you’re looking for. E-juices that comprise more PG than VG may not fill the room with clouds if this is what you’re used to, but they will make your coils last much longer. If you’re unsure where to start try switching to a liquid with 50/50 VG/PG ratio and then play around from there. Remember as long as your coils soak up e-liquid like a sponge, you effectively reduce the chances of burning the cotton inside them.


Check your power settings

When using an elaborate mod with wattage control it’s very tempting to want to see how big a vape you can have with higher output. Using high wattages also mean you use up e-liquid much faster, so much so that your coils may not have enough time to soak up fluid before your next hit. If you don’t want to give up on big clouds take down the wattage in small steps and see what works for you. Reducing the power will definitely help your coils to cope better.

All coils come with a particular wattage range conveniently stamped on them so don’t try to be a hero. Finding the sweet spot of your mod’s power settings according to the coil’s wattage range will not only let your coils last longer, but they will also perform better bringing out the maximum flavour of your e-juice.


Fine tune with temperature control

Most mods these days have separate temperature settings which you can use to your advantage if you’re burning out coils too quickly. Temperature control allows you to set a maximum fixed temperature for your coils further preventing burn outs. Assuming you forgot to properly prime the coil, or for some weird reason the coil is just not soaked up enough, temp control will hold the coil back from engaging when you hit the fire button. So you’ll end up saving the coil instead of burning it out.