Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm still here

Wow - it's been a bit quiet on here lately. 

I've been meaning for some time to carve out a few moments to pop in here and share a bit about what's going on.  First off - I miss taking time to share and think here.  Many of the things I've shared on here are still going on in our home, but life is becoming increasingly busy.  I knew when I started feeling a bit of stress to come on and blog here that it was time to step away for a while. 

Some of the things going on are big - moving to a new place, starting another blog (The Backyard Farming Connection), but most of the changes are small ones - finding more time to be present, appreciating some more private times for activities with my children.  I do hope and think I'll be back here at some point blogging more regularly when the dust settles, but for now I will keep sharing some photos each week and - I thought I would just say that I miss all you who have followed along here on our journey!

1 comment:

  1. Miss you too and wishing you all the best with the move and all the other changes.


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