Monday, April 8, 2013

Discover Nature: Signs of Spring

Spring is finally bursting forth outside.  We may not have leaves yet, but still there are signs everywhere we look.  Pausing to notice and savor those signs makes us more aware of our daily surroundings.  This discover nature can be done wherever you are any time in early spring.

Materials: Nothing (or notebook/pencil/etc)

Head out into nature and look for signs of spring.  Stop, pause, listen, smell, and think big picture and small picture.  Look up, look down, and hopefully enjoy the sun on your face!

Our Discovery...

We've been looking for signs of spring everywhere we go for the last few weeks and are finally spotting geese flying, little spots of green, little creepy crawlers, and gently flowing water.  I love when Hadley and Finley notice the little changes even when we aren't actively looking!


  1. Oh we too are looking for signs of spring, and slowly they are coming.

  2. They seem to be slow coming this year. But well worth the wait. Happy Spring to you :)


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