Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Discover Challenge: Making Music

All of my children are fascinated with music right now (mostly really loud music).  We have drums, guitars, handmade bangers, and of course lots of kitchen pots and pans to make our own music.  For this discover challenge, we explored how to make and change sounds by vibrating rubber bands.  I dreamed up about 5 ways to present this challenge, most of which included lots of wood and nails.  Finally I came up with this simple method using only a few supplies.

Materials: Rubber Bands, push pins, and a cork board (or other board you can push pins into.  You could also hammer nails into a piece of wood, or use the bottom of a stool or chair.

Ask how you can use the rubber bands to make sound, and demonstrate how to set up the pins and rubber band.  How can you make different sounds? Can you play a song?

Our discovery...

Since we've already experimented with using rubber bands to make sound, the kids got right down to work.  Once we made some music, we spent some time building shapes and designs with the rubber bands.  At the end I asked them to think about what they discovered during their challenge...  The answer 'nothing.'  I love that learning right now is just a natural part of their lives that they don't even know they're doing it!


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