Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Emerson Tunic Dress for Hadley

This girl of mine is suddenly looking and acting so much older.  Childhood really does happen in bursts and spurts and rarely moves along in a slow progression.   This dress has been on my to do list for months, and seemed to fit this growing girl perfectly.  Hadley is that wonderful mesh of girly who wants to wear dresses but isn't afraid to get right in and get her hands dirty.  With the weather so cold, now she can wear a dress, but keep her legs warm with pants!  Happy girl and a happy Mama.

This is the Emerson Tunic Dress from Lovinthemommyhood.

The free pattern is easy to follow and simple to adjust up and down in size.  Although the size is for a 4-5T, I found it is a little small on my 4.5 year old (although Hadley is tall for her age).  The purple top in the top two pictures I made long, more like a actual dress, while I kept the other dress short and more 'shirt-like.'  Both fabrics give Hadley a slightly more mature look to match her personality and still give her plenty of space for her sillies. 

The pattern uses 4 buttons, including 3 down the back down the button band, but I kept is simple and comfortable with only one button in the front (mostly because Hadley and I have VERY different opinions on what constitutes a matching button).

Ahhh...  she's certainly growing up!


  1. She is! And that is a lovely tunic....I think I want one :)

  2. I like them! I made Gracie one similar. I used the same bird print one but I have it in tan and I made it with 3/4 sleeves.

  3. So cute! She definitely is growing up. Such a beauty :)


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