Thursday, January 10, 2013

That time of Year

The holiday's have passed, and we are slowly settling into our winter rhythm.  Each year I look forward to the holiday hustle and each January I breath a deep sigh of contentment as we move forward into a new year.  Perhaps it is why resolutions feel so do-able: here we are with an entire fresh, unwritten year ahead of us just loaded with possibility. 

This year my resolution list is filled with so many intangible goals: notice more, be more, connect more.  Of course there are the tangible items as well, I really want to knit a few sweaters before my kids get any bigger and need even bigger sweaters.  But as that calendar turns forward I am still left with that welcome world of possibility, this year I can do better.  It's the one time of year we recognize that like the children in our lives, we too have the chance to grow, change, and become better people. 

Perhaps it is right that these changes and hopes grow when the weather is cold.  For me, at this time of year, there are quiet times to think, to restart and recharge and to move forward before the days truly lengthen and spring returns.  Our time outside is different in the cold season, yet still the world outside guides our actions with short bursts of outside play and longer times of more elaborate indoor projects. 

Today I am starting my winter connect series.  I invite you to link up and share how you connect with the natural world, your family, and your community during the winter months.  This series will stay up for the remainder of the season, and I invite you to post as many links as you like.  

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