Monday, January 14, 2013

Planning for Spring: A great use for seed catalogs

Usually on Monday, I share a 'discover' activity; however, this week we just never got around to it, so stay tuned next week, today we're sharing some of our garden planning.

Spring may be months away, but the seed catalogs are already filling our mailboxes.  After I'm done looking through the mouthwatering photos, the catalogs are passed down to the younger ones and make it into the art project bin.  This year, Hadley and Finley designed their 'dream' gardens by cutting out out their favorite photos and gluing/taping them onto their papers.  If they had their way, we would be growing pomegranates, lemons, and all types of tropical plants.  

It makes me feel like a little warm even in the middle of the winter.


  1. Love it!! So funny what they will choose to plant :)

  2. So fun! I wish I could grow pomegranates here in MO! I'd be one happy camper.


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