Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Discover Nature: Winter Leaves

It may be cold outside, but there are still wonderful things to discover.  This week we explored winter leaves inside our home.  While we think of leaves as falling each fall, there are many trees and bushes that hold onto their leaves all year.  Explore how these miraculous winter leaves using all your senses.

Materials: Collect branches of winter leaves (pine, spruce, etc). magnifying glass, journal and pencils (optional), scissors

Present the branches and ask what they notice.  What's different? What's the same?  If they are struggling, ask them to smell, feel, look closely, etc.  Let your children pull apart and full explore the branches.

Our discovery...

This was a nice one to do inside since it was freezing out.  We made way more observations than I thought we would.  We noticed the different feeling of the leaves, the different ways the leaves left the branch, the different length of leaves, and many more.

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