Thursday, January 31, 2013

Changable Felt Playscape

I've been meaning to write about this changeable felt playscape for weeks.  This was a Christmas gift for all the kids and I'm pretty sure I'm just as excited about it as they are.  The felt playscape is made from 100% wool and can be moved around to create a pond, ocean, river, island, or coastline for the base of endless creative play.  The felt pieces work best when placed on a rug or a carpet, but are a soft base for little feet and hands.

To make this basic playscape that can be used to create both an island and a pond/ocean, you need to make 14 squares.  You can make the squares whatever size you like, but we used 12x12 inches.  Here are the following squares:
  • 2 solid colored squares (one green, one blue)
  • 4 blue cornered squares
  • 4 green cornered squares
  • 4 half green/half blue squares
To make the bi-colored squares, cut a shape from a green square and a matching shape from the blue fabric.  Make sure you plan for the shapes to overlap by about 1/4 inch and still measure the same size as the solid colored shape (the blue and green should meet halfway down each side, so there is just over 6 inches of green and 6 inches or blue)  Overlap the green and blue by about 1/4 inch and sew 2 seams to hold the pieces together. 

The 4 photos below show each of the 14 squares you will create.  Make sure you add some interesting shapes for a fun design.

Have a wonderful, creative-filled day!


  1. This is so cute! I think my husband would actually enjoy playing with it haha. He loves board games where you make paths, like Carcassonne and Tsuro.


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