Thursday, December 13, 2012

Simple Holiday Hearts

This week my mother sent me the directions for this simple little holiday craft.  This was a favorite of ours growing up, and it was fun to try it with my own little ones.  Hadley and Fin have just reached the age where their little fingers (and minds) were able to weave the papers together with only a little help from Mama.  To make these hearts, cut out the shapes below and make sure the width of the shape is the same size as the cuts up the middle so it fits together.

Weave the 2 pieces together by sliding each piece through and then around the next strip.  It helps to do one strip at a time and than slide the next strip up as you add it.  We had a few broken strips, but the heart still stays together.

You can run some yarn or thread through them to hand on the tree, make a garland, or simply stick them somewhere to help bring a little love to your holidays.  They also make wonderful Valentines decorations if you use pink, red, white, or other colors.

Happy Holidays! And Thanks Mom!


  1. Very cute! Seems pretty easy, too. Really great craft idea.

  2. Lovely, I was going to look for a Christmas craft for Reece for Monday, think we will give this a go. Thank you!!!!


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