Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Time for the Birds

Each year, we pause and take time to bring our holiday celebrations outside for our little feathered friends.  Last year we made several ornaments for our bird tree, and this year we made these two wooden feeders to add to our feeders already out there.  They aren't complicated, just holes drilled in a branch filled with peanut butter and seeds, but they are our way of sharing the love, and inviting nature to come visit right outside our window.


  1. Love it!!! We actually made pine cone feeders today and created a little giving tree in the much!!!!

    I think we might make up a few using your idea next week, thanks!

  2. How thoughtful of you! This is a really cute idea. I'll have to add this to my honey-do list while David is on Christmas break from school :)


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