Thursday, November 29, 2012


It’s cold here. Not the kind of cold that calls you out of doors, but that raw, biting kind of cold that invites cups of hot coco and warm socks. At this time of year in Upstate NY, we are still feeling the temperatures deep in our core, as we wait for our bodies to habituate to the chill. I look forward to those March days when 35 degrees is cause for celebration, but for now, I put on another layer.

 In this cold season, our days begin to take on a new rhythm. Hours spent outside, shift to shorter visits, and the basic process of dressing for the out of doors takes minutes instead of seconds. Now we are gathering for dinner earlier, and finding nighttime peace next to a warm fire, instead of sitting on the steps outside the backdoor watching the stars.

Despite the cold, and the longing for warmth, one of my favorite times of the day is the morning trip out to care for our animals. Now, I am not a morning person. As much as I sometimes think I am a morning person, and despite the fact that I really, really want to be a morning person, I simply am not. This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy getting up early, it is just that I need a bit of time to slip from the sleep world to the waking world – time that doesn’t usually happen in a busy home. With the shift in seasons, I am finding that time in the cold, silent morning trip to the animals shed.

 Unlike the evening chores where my helpers are plentiful, I often find myself slipping out alone in the mornings: clad in my PJs and rubber boots, with a quick sweater tossed on top. After the long dark hours inside, the animals make gentle and not so gentle noises, happy to be outside, as I lug water and food and fresh bedding. If it’s early enough I can see the lights inside the house and the movement of people getting ready for their day. That cold is better than any cup of coffee. When I finally open the door into the house, I am created by the warmth, light and smiling faces at the breakfast table.

 I can feel the shift in the seasons, not from the calendar or passing holidays, but from the change in our daily rhythm, and like each shift I greet this one with open arms.

 * * * 

 I thank all those people who shared in the fall connect series; I am inspired by the ways that you connect with the people and world around you. This is the last post of the fall series for this year, please feel free to post more fall related posts below, and visit me here soon for the winter: connect series. Come share how you connect in the cold season.


  1. Lovely post. I totally agree - taking care of the animals in the early morning is the best part of my day. I'm finally starting to get settled and used to the shorter days. It's hard to get back into the winter rhythm, but I'm slowly getting there.

  2. Beautiful post. I was just commenting to my hubby at dinner this evening that although I love the hot summery nights, the dark cold nights of winter around the fire are nice to. We have made the shift in our rhythm too and it feels good.


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