Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mandala Style Art at the Beach

Recently I came across some amazing photos of Mandala Art by danmala, and fell in love with the symmetry and simple materials used to create beautiful designs (my favorite is the one with seaweed on the beach).  Since then I've been looking for an opportunity to create our own circle art made from things in nature.  This past week on vacation, with just a few little treasures from the beach, we made our first little, very simple piece of mandala style art. 

We left this little treasure near the high water mark for beach combers to find, and went on with our day hoping that someone may stumble across our humble piece of artwork

The following day the shells and bits of driftwood were gone, and the tide had laid a fresh bit of sand ready for the next days creative undertaking.

And since you're here, here are just a few more photos from our time in the South (only crazy northerners go in the ocean in SC in Nov - everyone else was in sweaters!)

Somehow these photos make it just a bit easier to come home to ice and snow!

I shared at Friday Nature Table,


  1. Beautiful. Reece and I have started leaving little pieces of nature art work on the trails recently for our fellow hikers to find. It is so much fun! We may have to try a Mandala.

  2. I love your piece of art! So cute. Great photos as well. Looks like you had a good vacation :)

  3. Love these! I can't wait to visit the beach again and try our hand at beach art. I have featured you on this week's Sunday Showcase -


  4. Your mandala is just beautiful!

    Thanks for linking up on Waldorf Wednesday. I hope we'll see you back this week! Feel free to add multiple links since we were off last week.


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