Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little chick in a little nest

 Last week this special little guest came to our home.  Yes- this is one of those crafts probably better to make in the spring, but this girl is just so cute and little - just about 1 inch tall, I couldn't resist.  The pattern is from Mochimochi Land and is a quick easy knit.

With the arrival of this little chick, we quickly realized that she needed a nest of her own, and we got right to work with a bit of yarn.

Our first nest was lovely and fluffy, but didn't stand up when the baby got a hold of it.  With a little bit of play, we came up with this super simple little nest for our friend.

She's even willing to share it with some of her other feathered friends.

Today I'm sharing my first ever knitting pattern, this incredibly easy little nest.  To see the pdf, click here.  Enjoy and let me know how it goes!

I shared at Sunday Showcase, The Imagination Tree, Keep Calm Craft On


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