Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Backyard Farming Connection Hop #7

 Here's what we did this week...

Took care of a big messy pile of hay in our garage by building a new storage lean-to outside

 And just generally cleaned things up...

(only because we dumping a lot of dirt on here in the first place)

Now it's time to see what you've all been up to this week, here and at the Backyard Farming Connection.  Please link up your own journeys, advice, reflections, recipes, how to's, or anything farming, homesteading, gardening, related - and don't forget to grab a button in the footer or visit the Backyard Farming Connection page!

You can also join my brand new Facebook page: The Backyard Farming Connection, where I'll share my favorite posts from the week!  Check it out to see if I featured you this week.


  1. Love the kiddo pics!! They look like hard workers...thanks for sharing the fun (and the blog hop!) Blessings, Nancy :)

  2. That's a lot of hay! Looks like you had some good helpers :)

  3. Farming is largely hard work, and a lot of it! But so much reward.

    Thank you so much for hosting, and for dropping by my blog too! :)



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