Thursday, October 4, 2012

Waxing Leaves

Last year we waxed leaves and made these lovely garlands.  It was one of those activities you want to save and try again.  A few days ago, one of my favorite blogs, Mothering With Mindfulness mentioned waxing leaves, and I wasted no time in pulling out our wax and organizing the crew into a little leaf collecting expedition.  We've been spending lots of time thinking and talking about leaves lately, and and the idea of temporarily preserving the color was very appealing to Hadley and Finley.

Waxing leaves is very simple, you need colorful leaves, paraffin wax, a pan, and something to place the leaves on when they dry (a baking sheet, wax paper, etc).  Simply heat the wax until it melts and becomes clear.  Dip the leaves in the wax and hold for 10-30 seconds until the wax dries.  Lay the leaves flat to dry completely.  If the wax starts to harden or become clumpy, simply heat the wax again.

I had grand ideas of making a whole wax leaf tree, but ended up simply sticking the leaves in the window to resemble the falling leaves.  There is a certain peaceful feeling from looking out this window, as if it represents the poem we just learned: Little leaves Fall Gently Down, whirling whirling round and round...


  1. Your leaves look so pretty in the window, love it!

    Thanks for the shout out, appreciate it.

  2. Very sweet! Love them in the window.

  3. Great project! We'll have to go hunt somewhere for pretty leaves for our window, too. Yours looks beautiful backlit by sunshine.

  4. What a wonderful idea! They look wonderful on your door!

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