Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Living and Learning: The Wasted Oak Leaf

With the changing leaves everywhere around us, I looked hard for a story that would reflect the splendor outside, and came across The Waste Oak Leaf.  The story touches on a few things that Hadley and Finley have been asking about lately: leaves, death, and composting!  This week we are learning an Autumn Poem from here, it's pretty long, so we'll probably be working on it for at least two weeks.

In the story, the girl discovers that leaves are not wasted, but return to dirt each fall.  So for our activities we spent some time digging in the forest looking under the new leaves at the old leaves and the dirt and bugs.  We followed this up with one of my all time autumn favorite activities: catching leaves.  No matter who you are, there is a giddy sense of fun when you watch that leaf flutter down and still manage to miss it as it falls to the earth - it never gets old.

Since we've been doing a lot of leaf crafts lately, the only other thing we did was create waxed leaves.  Fall is really here outside and the leaves both in our home and outside are radiant!

Note the crying baby who wants that stick

My Favorite Leaf links:
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Autumn Leaf Mobile - love this
Leaf Garland Headband

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What have you been learning this week?

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  1. Oh we love catching falling leaves, so much fun!! Thanks for link to the story, just perfect for us right now.

  2. Love the kiddos! So cute and really shows off the fun of fall...thanks for posting! Blessings from

  3. I agree, you're never too old to be giddy when catching leaves. Stepping on crunchy leaves is also one of my favorite things to do :)

    I need to wax some of our leaves this fall!

  4. Loved those leaves. We are currently in spring over here. I love that little knitted vest/jumper thingy that your daughter is wearing. So cute.

    The Paper Maid

  5. I am SO ready for Fall to hit Georgia! We've had the cooler temps, but our leaves are still green. I had a whole pin board of October crafts involving leaves and it looks like I'll have to bump them to November.

    Your kids are adorable!

  6. One of our favorite crafts! We did leaf prints today, another fun autumn activity.
    Thanks for visiting Waldorf Wednesday! Hope to see you back this week.


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