Monday, October 22, 2012

Discover Challenge: Changing Sound

Tapping out a beat on something - well,tapping and banging on anything has always been a favorite activity for my kids (especially my son).  The desire and need to make lots of noise is something that just come naturally to Finley, so this week when I told him that tapping on something was precisely what we were going to do, he was thrilled.  Discover the magic of tapping out a rhythm and then changing the sound by simply adding water.

Materials: glass jars (I used a variety of reused food jars, but it would have been nice to have several of the same jars to compare alongside each other), something metal (a spoon works well), water in some container, cups or something to use as scoopers.

Lay out the materials - it does get wet, so outside is a good place to do this.  Demonstrate how to make a gentle tap with the spoon on the glass.  Ask: do you notice anything about the sound of the different jars?  Can you change the sound using water?

For older children, you can do the activity alongside an instrument and ask them to create the same note using the water jars,or even play a song.

Our Discovery...

Luckily we did our discovery outside in the rain, because we got very wet.  We also broke a jar by trying to fill it while holding it in the air- not recommended.

Hadley and Finley noticed the different sounds right away with the different jars, and started making their own songs.  This activity was also great for working on their pouring skills, since they spent a lot of time transferring the water.  

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  1. Fun activity! My husband is a music teacher so I'm sure he'd love to do this with our kids someday. I bet it was fun doing this in the rain!

  2. Great activity, even better in the rain :)

  3. what a fabulous activity, especially in the rain! Pinning this for later! thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase!

    1. Thanks for stopping by - so glad you're going to give this a try.

  4. It's amazing how much more children learn from these hands-on explorations! Thanks again for linking up to Waldorf Wednesday.


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