Thursday, October 25, 2012

Providing Natural Play Spaces

Since we live in the forest, the natural world is part of our everyday lives.  As soon as we step outside our door, we are surrounded by the sounds, scents, colors, textures, and feel of the natural world.  Last year, we created a children's garden for our kids to enjoy: a place that was all their own, but creating natural play areas goes far beyond creating a defined play space.  The children's garden is a magical place complete with their own music wall, but what I didn't realize was the wonders of the stack of wood, or the fallen log, or the bed of pine needles.

More and more, children are moved from sheltered spot to sheltered spot, from the playground, to the store, to their home, to school, etc.  These places are all wonderful, but they are each designed with a purpose in mind: at the playground we generally use the equipment in a predetermined manner, in the store we shop, at home we clean, live our daily lives and use the materials at hand for play, and at school we learn.  When we provide a natural play area for our children, we are suddenly opening up the world to them.  There is no predetermine purpose for a stick, or a rock, or that group of trees.  How we interact with the natural world is suddenly up to our children.

At first this can be a bit intimidating to a child (well to anyone).  When you first head out into the wild, your children will probably say things like "I'm bored, there's nothing to do, let's go do ___-" mine often still do! This is OK.  Being bored is OK.  No one comes up with their best ideas while they were busy with something else.  Be patient.  Find something else to do, and eventually something will happen: a stick and a pile of wood will become a canoe, a log across a puddle will be a path to another planet, and the texture of the bark will need to be felt over and over again. It will be messy, and there may be a few bumps and bruises, and perhaps a few bug bites, but somewhere in that natural play area, your child's imagination will soar.

And if you are lucky, you may even be invited along on the adventure.

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  1. Wow! What an amazing outdoor space you have to explore. We love playing outside too, and I love the ways you have integrated natural items into a playspace.

    1. Thanks. I love getting out there and building things.

  2. Great idea and cute photos! I'm happy that our future kids will have plenty of space and natural items to play with.

  3. Today I sat and watched my son playing in a ditch. He and his friend took clods of dirt and threw them into a puddle while perched on the edge of the ditch. They did this for a good half hour and were so delighted with their efforts.
    This is a brilliant post, something I think we should all think about more, allowing children undefined space to play and discover. I am pinning this to the Sunday Parenting Party Pinterest board and sharing on my FB page.

  4. We love our time outdoors, exploring, having fun and creating adventures.

  5. This is amazing! I am featuring it on this week's Sunday Showcase. Thanks so much for sharing & inspiring.


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