Thursday, October 18, 2012

Connect: First Frost Feast

The first frost marks a dramatic shift in the natural world.  Overnight the world changes; vines wilt, flowers die, and remnant tomatoes blacken.  Unlike the last frost of the spring, which is only recognized after it passes, the first frost of the fall heralds the turn of the season, and literally leaves its mark on the world.

Our first frost arrived this past weekend.  Last Friday night, temperatures dipped down to 25 degrees and left a changed world outside.  On Saturday, there was a rush of harvesting activities, including a disappointing sweet potato harvest.  To mark the occasion a new tradition was born (well - I hope it becomes a tradition), the First Frost Feast.  Our meal was prepared using mostly things from our garden and served with candles and an elaborate table decoration (care of Hadley).  I love the idea of celebrating the first frost simply for the sheer uncertainty of it.  There is something wonderful about stepping out into your garden and finding something to eat and celebrate with on a random day between the end of Sept and the middle of October.

And this is how traditions are born.

Today I am sharing out First Frost Feast as part of my Connect: Autumn series.  I would love to hear how you connect with the world, the community and your family this fall.  Please link up below or for you non-bloggers, share your thoughts in the comments!  Happy Frost everyone.

I shared at Country Kids, All Year Round Blog Carnival, Happy Whimsical Hearts


  1. What a great idea! Your children will remember this tradition for years to come :) It's so great to start new traditions.

  2. What a wonderful idea, I think we will do that next year, since we have already had quite a few frosts.

  3. I am SO inspired by this idea! I usually look forward to first frost (to ease my fall allergies) but a first fall feast sounds wonderful.

  4. We have had our first frost too and so I have linked up our harvest from the ground on my Country Kids linky this week. Delighted to have found you via Happy Family Times.

  5. Gorgeous idea to celebrate the cooling of the days :-) And I love your first photo. I remember in primary school lifting the ice off the puddles like that. Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times x

  6. I featured your post on my blog today! Thanks for linking up to The All Year Round Blog Carnival: Autumn.


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