Monday, September 3, 2012


Last week Freja and I made a quick two night trip to visit this new little bundle.  One of my best friends welcomed this little fellow a few weeks ago, and suddenly my own little baby doesn't seem so little any more.  There is nothing like new life to bring a little perspective and remind me just how soon a newborn is a baby, a baby is a toddler, a toddler is a kid, and are those teenage years really that far away - ach!  Freja was quite taken with her new friend and while I got in some new baby snuggles, Freja gave some gentle pats, a few hugs and one or two open mouth kisses on the top of baby's head.

Watching my children spend time with my own friends' children is one of those unspoken, hidden pleasures of motherhood.  Knowing that those things I value in my friends are reflected in their children, and then seeing our children together is really spectacular. 

Welcome to the world little one.


  1. Oh how they grow up so fast. It's bitter sweet.

  2. OH, what a wonderful time!! Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!

  3. Adorable, what sweet happy photos to have captured. Thank you for sharing ~ Happy Family Times :-)


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