Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This past weekend something big happened around here.  It was something we've been thinking about for a while, but acted on quickly, and well they're here and we're going with it, with a wee bit of anxiety and a whole lot of excitement.

On Saturday we brought home two Pygora goats.  They are a cross between Angora and Pygmy goats, so are a smallish size (like a pygmy) with lovely soft fleece (like an angora). They are a relatively new breed of goat (the Pygora Breeders Association was started in 1987) and are truly gorgeous!

Without further ado, meet Sam and Belle.

We are gently and quietly learning our way with these new additions, and they are beginning to trust us.  Sam is much more shy, but today is finally eating from our hands, and Belle (or more formally Christabell) is always ready at the fence for a hello.

So, why goats?

First off, I've always wanted a farm - not a really big farm, but something small with small livestock, etc. Goats seemed like a natural step into this world after the chickens and bees, they are small enough to manage ourselves or for someone to watch when we're away, and they can contribute something to our home (fiber, compost, and maybe milk).  We also live in a wooded area with heavy underbrush and are hoping the goats will help to clear some brush.  Since the doe is only 5 months old, we aren't thinking about the possibility of milk yet, but we can always make that decision down the road.  Knowing that this was something I wanted for part of my life, it seems like now, when the little ones are still little, was the time to jump in.  There have been a few moments since they arrived (like when Belle was bleating nonstop looking for her mom) when I thought we were crazy, but as we are all settling a bit, I am left with a feeling of excitement, fulfillment, and awe at these marvelous creatures, and yes, just a little bit of disbelief that we are living this life just the way we want!


  1. Oh my, congratulations!!! How wonderful. I am so looking forward to hearing about your adventures with Belle and Sam.

  2. Wow, they look so sweet! Congratulations.


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