Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Living and Learning: The Elves and the Shoemaker

This week's story was the Grimm's Fairy Tales version of The Elves and the Shoemaker.  This is a favorite story of mine, and a wonderful story for young children (since it is relatively un-scary).  I found several wooden peg people that we used as the naked elves in the story, and Hadley and Finley found the idea of naked elves that swoop in during the night and work on projects completely hilarious (not sure whether it was the naked part or the swooping in in the middle of the night  that was funny).

Since in the story, the shoemaker and his wife give clothes to the elves, we made our own wooden peg people clothes using paint and bits of fabric.  The new elves were instantly put to use in a new story, and we've already had requests for Mama to go buy some new peg people, so it was clearly a favorite activity.

The only other activity that tied in directly with our story with week was during our painting day.  We spent several hours outside painting our own shoes on our feet, then washing it off and painting them on again.  There was something magical about allowing the kids to paint their own bodies, and their faces when I told them what we were doing were priceless.  I think the response from Hadley was "are we really?"  My favorite part was when the UPS truck showed up and I had to go out front with my feet painted, a naked baby, and one in their undies (luckily my UPS driver has young kids) - it felt oddly exhilarating and bold.  Yes - I do love playing with my kids even when I look ridiculous doing it!

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