Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goats: meet the chickens

After a full week in their new digs (see the mostly built shed above).  Our doe, Belle, was still bleating frequently.  Despite being 5 months old, she was still nursing when we got her and missed her mom and the herd a lot.  It was the kind of bleating that tugs at your heart: repeatedly: nonstop.  So after a week, we decided to put the chickens into the goat pasture as planned with the hopes that the added company would help.  There was a little caution on all the animals (mostly the chickens) part, but within a few hours, there were a few nose sniffs, some tail nibbling (on the goats part), and a bit of coop envy on the goats part.

We've also eased her anxiety with frequent visits.

I really thought that the entrance to the coop was too small for the goats, but I have been proven wrong.  As I was snapping these photos, the goats suddenly came belting out of the coop as a very noisy chicken finished laying an egg inside and started to make a racket and flap her wings.  When we convert the shed into part coop, and part goat shed, we are going to have to think carefully about how we manage the space.


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