Thursday, September 6, 2012

Garden Musings

I love the garden this time of year; when the deep greens and early season flowers start to give way to yellowing leaves, clumps of vibrant berries, and the deep colors of tomatoes, squash, and pumpkins. Everywhere I look there is color, and just the smallest signs of fall. The garden is just turning over from its peak, yet it is still a thriving, lively, and productive place these days.

This year I was very ready for the shift from weeding and caring for the garden to harvesting.  Now we are thinking cover crops, and garlic, and perhaps a few mums to fill in some dark corners.

To house our new goats, we are finishing up this shed (see above) and hoping to draw it a bit more into the garden next year with a trellis and maybe some paint.  We're still deciding on a color, and hoping to put in a couple more windows.

My favorite garden presence are the little helpers who creep in from time to time to graze a tomato, or pull a single weed, or watch a butterfly get a drink.  They too are loving the garden dinners now and seem to understand the difference between those vegetables from the store and the ones we grown right here.

How's your garden growing?


  1. Beautiful! We too are in harvest mode, tomatoes are almost done and soon the squashes will be ready. We will be harvesting our first eggplant tomorrow and hoping for a few more warm days so the rest of the eggplants have time to grow a little more.

    We too are thinking ahead to fall planting, new vegetables beds and putting some of the perennials to bed for the winter.

  2. Your gardens are just magical... I didn't have great success this year as a result of poor soul/drainage problems but I am well prepared for next year on what are land needs. We have a rather large area of brush that needs to get cleared. Im dreaming of apple trees and cherry trees for next year.
    Now to see if I could rent a goat for clearing, not sure if they do such a thing but the concept sounds neat.
    My chickens do hang out there a lot but the grasses are two feet over there head. I think its intimidating to them as it is me...

    1. That was like us last year. I think goats are a good way to clear - too bad I can't lend you mine :)

  3. i love the trellis of sticks. it looks lovely with the squash growing on it.

  4. Love your garden - it seems I could wander through it and find a special treasure anywhere I looked.

  5. Wow...your garden looks fantastic! I love the sunflowers.


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