Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Nature Tray

The cool weather is here, at least for a few days, and already my toes are ready for slippers, and we are slipping into vests and sweaters for early morning visits outside.  With the changing season, our awareness of the world around us is heightened, we are more aware of the small nuances that usher in the changing season: the slightly reddening leaf, the bright orange pumpkin, the smell to the air, all hint at the shifting relationship of the sun and earth.

Our nature tray is ready for the coming season, with acorns, a gourd, rocks and of course 'leaf boy'.  There is plenty of room for new fall treasures, but the bright fall colors are splashing the corner of our dining room with just a bit of seasonal joy.  I love the exercise of preparing this tray for the seasons, it is my own marker of the shifting year.

How do you welcome fall in your home?

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  1. We are just getting ready to switch up our nature table. I am pretty excited about it, my little man is having a hard time letting go of the summer nature table :) We have been collecting little treasures on our morning walks and will do the big switch on the first day of fall, can't wait!

  2. We've still got some collecting to do, and I'm not patient enough to wait until the official start - I love fall!

  3. What a pretty little scene! Our nature table is still very early fall...our pine cones and acorns are just starting to drop...I can't wait to set up a truly fall scene! I found you through the link up, I'm sharing toddler leg warmers and my mama scarf this week.

  4. Stopping by from the All Year Round Carnival for Autumn. Thanks so much for linking up. :) I just love your nature tray! I can't wait for the leaves to start changing colors and for autumn hiking. There is always so much for find on the ground during a hike!

  5. Beautiful tray! Our nature table needs some work for fall. Thanks for the inspiration and linking up to the All Year Round Autumn Carnival!


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