Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fall: Make

Rice Pillow

In continued anticipation of our new arrival (and the actual birth of the baby) I decided to make a quick rice pillow.  The pillow is quick and easy and can be frozen or heated depending on your need.

Shoe and Coat Rack

This is not a new addition to our home, but I appreciate it more everyday.  Dave made this shoe and coat holder for the kids last year, and I painted it.

Baby or Bean

The Halloween costumes are taking shape here in our home.  Each costume is well planned in my own head, but with limited time lately, I've been putting these costumes together in a bit of a rush.

New Dress for Baby

Freja is just getting into the 3 - 6 month sizes, and to celebrate, I made her this little dress out of Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade beginnings (I also just made this little jacket from her lovely book).

A New Jacket for Freja

The sewing machine is back out and I have an ever growing pile of projects to begin.  Baby girls are simply delightful to sew for, and despite the many hand me downs, there is always room for one more mama made item.

Finished Dress

 I'm cheating a bit this week and posting a few pictures for this weeks yarn along.  I finally finished Freja's little dress.  I've posted several times about this dress, and am so excited for how it turned out and how nicely it fits.

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