Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall: Connect

Fall is here.  In the morning the air is cooler, in the fields the tractors are at work, on the trees the apples are ripening, and here in our home we are pausing to put on vests and socks before heading outside.  Fall is the season where nature peaks and then slowly retires to rest, and it is also the season when we soak in the thankfulness of the changing year.

There is a movement inward in the fall for us all: more time inside for us people, the squirrels and bears gather inside their own homes complete with full bellies, the seeds hold the promise of new life inside, and the tree collects the sun's energy and stores up their needs for the winter.  Yet at the same time, it is a glorious time of year to connect with nature and gather with families and community to celebrate the harvest. 

How do you connect with nature and the changing world in the fall?

 How do you connect with the people in your life?

 How do you connect with the greater community on your street, in your town, and across the world?

This season I invite you to share the ways you and your family connect by linking up below or leaving a comment.  For more details see the details on the Fall:Connect visit this page here, and don't forget to grab a button!


  1. Funny, fall means quite the same thing to me, but since we moved to Texas, I have had to turn myself inside out to come to a new understanding. Fall now means a move back outside after the long, long summer indoors, a sort of awakening and reviving plans from the past that seemed impossible in the unbearable heat.

    1. So funny how it changes - we lived in NC for a while and had the same thing- fall meant moving out too!

  2. I love all the fall link ups I find. Fall is my favorite season. New follower on facebook. Just wanted to say hi.

  3. Found your link through SouleMama and I like what I see.


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