Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weekly Rhythm

This summer (in the few full weeks we've been home) we've been slowly introducing a new rhythm into our days and weeks. While our home with 3 young children is never quite a peaceful place, this basic structure is helping create a time for calm, a time for crazy, and a time for everything in between.  Reserving time for unstructured activities gives the children a chance to immerse themselves in their play, knowing that there is nothing else they should be doing, while spending time doing activities together gives us time to connect, and gives them skills to use in everyday life.  It also means that I reserve time to do things with the kids, and time to do things alongside or nearby the kids. When we've done an activity together and connected, I find that the children are often content to continue independent play while I weed, or knit, or sew (and on some days they jump in and help Mama).

In many ways our weekly rhythm can be considered Waldorf-inspired, but we came to this rhythm simply because these activities are the ones we do every week: we bake, we paint, we craft, we read, etc.  Assigning these activities to specific days of the week gives our week structure.  Each Monday I introduce a new story to the twins and throughout the week our activities are loosely based on this story.  Of course there is flexibility to our lives and there are weeks when something doesn't happen, and if we want to bake on a painting day, well we go ahead and paint.  My goal with this rhythm is expose the children to structure, wonder, and beauty, and maybe just stretch my own creativity a wee bit further. So far this structure has been incredibly beneficial in our home.

This is what our weekly rhythm looks like:

Monday: New story and related activity
Tuesday: Baking
Wednesday: Sculpting
Thursday: Needlework
Friday: Painting and Nature Walk
Saturday: Activity with Dad
Sunday: Family Time

Since this rhythm is such an intrinsic part of our weeks, I'm going to try to share a weekly post of our activities here.  As I share these thoughts, I would love to hear the rhythms you have in your homes.

Also, please check out my 'me' page where I'll add a bit of my background and educational philosophy.


  1. We are just starting to get back into our weekly rhythm...things just seem to flow a little differently in the summer around here. It feels good to get back to it.

    1. I'm looking forward to reading about your activities. I'm especially curious about your weekly story and how you relate it to the activities. Over here I find it hard to get enough structure to manage anything but the most basic things so I could use some inspiration. I'd love to try out a rythm like yours.

  2. We've been off of a more structured rhythm since our move, but I am feeling more and more that it is time to get back to it. I think your posts are going to get me there. We've changed our rhythm here and there, but usually have kitchen day, art day, science and nature day, reading and writing day (letters, writing stories, etc), and a day for longer outings to museums, parks, etc or even just to run errands as needed.

    Not sure if you saw our story activities from a few weeks ago to go along with Kitten's First Full Moon, but here's the link in case you are interested:


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