Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Living and Learning: The Country Mouse and City Mouse

This weeks story was the Country Mouse and the City Mouse (as seen here).  Since my 4 year old twins are easily scared by stories, and I was glad to remember this gentle tale.  We started the week with a telling of the tale, using the props below.  The funny looking mice puppets were a big hit, and we spent several hours cutting out animals and gluing them to sticks for new shows and stories.  For this weeks poem, we memorized The City Mouse and The Garden Mouse by Christina Georgina Rossetti.

Our activity was to make these adorable mouse rocks (from here).  We cut out bits of fabric and glued them to the rocks we found in the yard, then covered the rocks in mod podge.  At first Finley wasn't interested in the project, but when he saw Hadley's finished mouse, he sat right down and got started. 

During our needlework time, we made little homes for our mice.  We decided to needle felt the homes, but I imagine this could be done several ways.  To needle felt the homes, we put our roving flat and made a sheet.  At the end we rolled up the sheet, added a bit more roving, and needle felted it together (this part took lots of help from Mama to avoid stabbing fingers).

On baking day we made cheese - what else could we make for a story about mice.  I found the recipe for Paneer cheese in the book Artisan Cheese Making at Home and it seemd simple enough to do with children, and quick enough for semi-instant gratification that seems so important with little ones.

And it made a delicious dinner!

While I like the idea of wet on wet painting techniques used in the Waldorf philosophy, I love color and something about limiting colors just doesn't work for me (maybe because I myself don't want to stick to one color).  Normally when we sit down to paint, I wet the paper, pass out the paints, and then sit and retell the week's story while the kids and I paint.  This is Finley's painting from this week, while it has nothing to do with this weeks story, I love that it is a picture of Freja in Mama's tummy!

For our nature walk, we talked a bit about what a mouse might see if he/she was out for a walk, and we tried to look at things like a mouse.  Of course, when we came to this creek we got distracted and spent the next several hours catching minnows, looking for crawfish, and keeping our feet cold on a hot day.

Next we're working on the story Golden Hair and the Three Bears.

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  1. Love all of these wonderful activities! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I've been looking forward to this post since you wrote about your weekly rhythm. Really inspiring how you weave your story into your weekly activities. I'm looking forward to your post on activities connected to Golden Hair and the Three Bears.

    1. Thanks - it is always an evolving process. The kids really get fixated on the story each week and ask me to tell it over and over.


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