Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Treasures

Is it really already the middle of August?  Really

As summer slips by, we find ourselves drawn to the little treasures of the season: eggs and shells, feathers and caterpillars, the glow of the sunflowers, and the hum of the bugs, the smell of tomatoes, and the warmth and the tickle of the un-mown grass.

If only we could capture these sensations, and save them for the long cold days of winter.

It's still August, and yet the smallest signs of the changing seasons are here for us to see: tiny red in a fallen leaf, the orange pumpkin in the garden, the shortening days.


  1. Love your little nature treasures, we have a collection in our home too. And that caterpillar, so much fun, enjoy!

    1. Ever since your caterpillar post, we've been keeping our eyes out for one!


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