Thursday, August 16, 2012

Morning Circle and Daily Rhythm

Before I jump in with our weekly stories and activities, I thought I should take a minute to share our daily rhythm.  This is interwoven with our weekly rhythm I shared last week.

Our daily rhythm is constantly evolving and changes on almost a weekly basis.  The simple structure involves a 'dawn clean up' after breakfast where we work to clean for about 30 minutes together, followed by our morning circle and the days activity.  I find that the day is much smoother if we take time to connect in the mornings in our circle time.  After lunch the twins take a 30-45 minute quiet times in separate places with some reading time before or after, and then we're on to whatever we choose for the rest of the day.  All of this is flexible and is interrupted with Freja's naps, escaped chickens, and all the other odds and ends in our lives. 

When we started a daily circle time a few months ago, I was unsure whether it would work for us.  I was specifically worried that the whole thing would seem too contrived and not a natural part of our day.  I am amazed at how much the kids love those 10 minutes everyday.  Having a few minutes to sing, listen to each other, share, and stretch together has improved our entire day.  It also helps give me a few minutes to center myself and look each of my children in the eyes and connect for a few minutes.  Our circle time currently looks like this:

Sun Salutation (3 times)
Morning Song: Good Morning Dear Earth
Daily Question (kids pick a new one each day - ie what makes you happy today?)
Song or finger play (either a new one we're learning, or we pick one from the jar we already know)
A quick rundown of the day
Poem (each week we memorize a new poem)
A short made-up song as we move towards our work (The Day is here, the light has come, let's play together, and work for fun)

This circle time is the perfect introduction to our days activities.


  1. what a great way to connect and start the day together. Love it. Do you have any resources for children's poems or music to share?

    1. I use a variety of resources for the poems and music - some are just things I've found online. I love the series by Wynstone Press (they have a Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter book).

  2. Such a great way to start the day. Thanks for sharing.


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