Thursday, August 23, 2012

Garden Musings

The garden is producing in full force these days!  Each day, we collect a basket of goodies and attempt to throw them together into something edible: tomatoes in all colors, summer squash, beets, corn, ground cherries, beans, pumpkins, gourds, and did I mention tomatoes?

The sneaky chickens are still occasionally getting out into the garden and poking little holes in some veggies (mostly the tomatoes and squash).  But I suppose since we're getting plenty of eggs I can't complain.

There are always plenty of helpers in the garden.

And plenty of colors and textures!

We're growing brussel sprouts for the first time this year, and I am convinced that I will like them.

The best part of my random seed planting (filling in the garden by sticking seeds all over the place in the spring), are all the surprises, the pumpkins in the flower bed, the gourd trying to get into the garage door, and the tomatoes are growing everywhere.

What's growing in your garden?


  1. I think your random seed planting is beautiful.
    I love going out and picking what the garden has to offer and then making a meal around it. We always put in brussel sprouts but never get to eat them, they are a firm favorite with a family of deer to often come by for a late night dinner!!

    1. We have a large fence and a dog and haven't had too many deer problems!

  2. your garden is stunning! wow. i am so inspired. thank you

    1. Thanks - I love how it changes so much this time of year!

  3. Beautiful!! The color in your garden is so, so lovely.

  4. Your garden is just beautiful, as are your little ones!


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