Monday, August 6, 2012

Garden Musings

The bees are gone.  After they swarmed last week, and hung out in the tree for a few days, they finally left Friday morning.  I went outside at 8 to see them, and when I stuck my head outside at 8:05 they were gone.  I'm bummed I missed seeing them leave, but I am hoping they are quickly drawing more comb somewhere and putting aside as much as possible for the winter.  When we checked out the hive this weekend, it looked full still with the telltale queen cells, so we're hoping the remaining bees are adjusting to a few less friends. 

The garden is quickly filling with more blossoms, and more produce: beets, tomatoes, squash, basil, corn, ground cherries, onions, and beans.  I'm loving the number of squash flowers blooming each morning.

This weekend we planted our second set of fall crops: beets, peas, radishes, raab, spinach, and lettuce.  We've had trouble keeping the lettuce from bolting, and I'm looking forward to getting some home grown salads again this fall.

At the moment I'm glad we planted so many tomatoes.  I was feeling like maybe 25 plants was a bit much, but there are less tomatoes on each plant this year, so I think we'll have enough to eat, some to freeze and a bit to can.

I love harvest time!

What's growing in your garden


  1. Sorry about the bees, fingers crossed they will make it through the winter...wherever they are.

    Lots growing in our garden, we are enjoying tomatoes, kale, Swiss chard, beets, carrots, onions, garlic, zucchini, the last of the green beans. Soon to come peppers and eggplant.

  2. What a beautiful space, even just for a walk or to while away the time. And on top of that, it gives you sustenance!

  3. Beautiful photos! Did you harvest honey? How cool.

    1. The honey isn't ours - yet, but we hope to harvest some honey soon.

  4. What an amazing veggie garden - it looks like a great space to potter around and must smell wonderful! My veggie and herb garden is a lot smaller - I'm really still learning - mostly growing herbs at this stage, and loving it! I'd like to read about your honey making when you do that!

  5. Gorgeous pictures, and what a stunning garden. I just want to lay down and relax there!!

  6. What an enchanting garden! I love seeing the squash blossoms here, too. :)

  7. Beautiful garden -- our tomatoes aren't producing as heavily this year, also. All in our area are telling the same sad story.


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