Monday, July 2, 2012


As part of the twins 'Things with Wings' birthday party, I made up a whole bunch of these simple wings that could be decorated with fabric markers.  I had lovely visions of all the kids running through the gardens wearing multi-colored wings.  But alas, there was rain, and sugary cupcakes, and lots of running around, and there just wasn't time.  The up side of this is that there has been a lot of wing decorating and flying going on since the party right here in our back yard.

The wings were made with some white muslin and some other bit of white scrap I had around cut into a half circle the size of a kids wing span.  With a little elastic sewn into each corner, and a small clothespin, (and some decoration) they were instant wings. 

Maybe someday I'll make some more complicated wings like the gorgeous ones here, but for now we'll be flying around outside.

We're stretching our wings with a week long trip, so for now have a lovely week and if I don't make it on here, see you next week!

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely, fun idea. I think we will be making a few pairs of wings of our own.

    Enjoy your week!


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