Monday, July 16, 2012

Garden Musings

Just like so many places in the country right now, our garden's are parched! For a few weeks now we've had barely any precipitation and since we were out of town for a week things got a little dry. Still we are harvesting some things, watering a bit when we can, and enjoying as things grow.  It's so interesting to see what does well from year to year: last year the broccoli was amazing, and this year we've barely gotten any.

But then again last year our pumpkins failed and this year they are looking strong.  We are harvesting beets, kale, salad greens, green beans, and of course sampling frequently from the herb garden.

Probably the thing I'm most excited about is the large number of ground cherries ripening.  Having never grown them before I was unsure how they would do and I really have no idea how to know when they are ready for picking.  I can't wait to try a few new recipes.

The onions seem a bit unhappy about the heat and lack of water.

Thankfully, last night we got rain. Not the little bit of drizzle, but a real rain.  The plants are happy and are just a little more ready to face the hot temperatures coming up this week!

What's growing in your garden?


  1. We are waiting for rain, suppose to be coming tomorrow afternoon...fingers crossed.

    We are eating beets, carrots, zucchini, kale, Swiss chard, strawberries, raspberries, peppers and lots of herbs.

    Green beans are just starting to make an appearance, a few tomatoes are starting to turn a lovely shade of red and there are a few squashes starting to grow.

  2. We're almost there on the tomatoes too (and the zuccini). Just found a pumpkin tonight!


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