Thursday, July 12, 2012

Felt Wands

Last fall we had our first experience with felting.  Using the wet felting technique we made these acorns.  Since then I've been looking for a time to jump back in, and a recent visit to a Llama farm prompted a new purchase of some supplies from here.  Over the last month I've been developing a rhythm to our days and weeks that I will be sharing soon, but for now, Thursday is needlework day, so this morning we made these simple felt wands.  I love that my 4 year old twins were able to do all the work, and feel truly proud of their finished product.  I think I may be a little hooked on this new project.

The idea for the wands came from the blog Moment to Moment.

Using simple cookie cutters, we overlay some wool on some 100% wool felt.  We then lay this on a sponge or bristle pad, and started stabbing it with a felting needle.  With a little story telling and singing while we worked, it took only a few minutes before the wool started to stick to the felt.

Once they were attached, we trimmed the felt to the desired shape, and glued them to some dowels we had around the house (we will probably need to reinforce the glue with a hot glue gun).  You could do this without the felt, but it seemed to hold the shape better for us beginners. 

I love that this little girl who is in the princess stage at the moment (where did that come from?) is just as happy with her homemade felt wand as with any store-bought glittery wand!

Both Hadley, Finley and I are excited to try our next project!

I shared at Keep Calm and Craft On 



  1. Love this!! I am just getting started at felting and can't wait to share it with Reece soon.

  2. Oh, lovely! Handmade is always better, I think. :) What a cute project.


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