Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fairy Garden

We've been hard at work here on our fairy garden.  There has been a lot of planning, collecting, building, a small bit of gluing and even a little sewing.  When we started talking about the garden, there was some concern over where the garden should be, but finally we decided to put it in Finley's garden.  It was also decided that it isn't a simple house, but a fairy party, and therefore we needed party flags.  It is incredibly hard to get a photo of the finished party scene, since every time I venture out, the whole scene has shifted: the food has moved, a roof has been added, the ferry boat is broken apart.   

Finley was very concerned that we were putting things on the ground since fairies fly and therefore need thing to be located up high.

There is also concern that bugs are visiting the scene (since clearly they were not invited to the party).

I am actually quite jealous of this party and would love my own invitation, but since I've gotten a 'behind the scenes' look at the preparations and all of the imagination and creativity involved, I am feeling satisfied.

We've entered this in the Fairy Garden Contest on The Magic Onions
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  1. Love this!!! Their creativity is awesome.

  2. This is one of my favorite entries! I love his concerns about the need for things to be up high. So cute.

  3. This is charming! My kids would love this. Thanks for the inspiration. Carol Guy is my sister and law and she recommended I follow you.
    -Grace Stapleton, Chesterfield, VA


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