Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice

Tonight we celebrated midsummer on a truly HOT day (I believe the temperature got well into the 90's here today).  We were joined by Opa and Ducky (Dave's parents) for a celebratory meal and a bonfire.  As our family is continuing to grow and evolve, so are our traditions. I love the natural rhythm that causes these traditions to develop: one year you try something, and then next year - voila - it's a tradition.  It was such a wonderful evening, I only hope some of today's activities become our traditions.

This year to add to the fun, we chose to make flower garlands for our hair.  Since I wasn't sure my almost 4 year olds could braid flowers together (and I wasn't going to spend all day braiding flowers), I made these super quick crowns, with a simple strip of felt and an elastic for the back two inches.  By cutting several holes in the band, the kids could weave flowers into the felt to make their own crowns.  I love that this let them easily and confidently create something they were proud to wear, and of course they will be around again for next year!

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  1. oh, how fun! Looks like lots of wonderful memories were made during this very special day!

  2. What a special celebration :-) I adore your flower garlands ~ such a clever way to do them for the little ones. Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times x


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