Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A skirt for Hadley

A few weeks ago I made a skirt for myself.  The skirt has been much admired by one of my little friends, and luckily there was just enough fabric to make a matching one in her size.  The skirt has lovely big pockets perfect for collecting and carrying stuff, and almost twirls enough for Hadley's taste.

Once the sewing machine is out, it seems like the projects just pile up.  In the pile are shorts for Fin, a hat and dress for Freja, some bags that I'll share with you soon, oh yes and some birthday surprises for a double 4 year old birthday coming up!

Creating clothing for my children is rewarding on so many levels, the most immediate being simply seeing your little one wearing something you've created with you own hands, in colors and patterns that you've chosen.  Knowing where the clothes were made and who made them is an added bonus, and one I hope to start sharing with my little ones soon.  For now we are hoping the sun comes out today and we can do a little more dancing in the garden.

1 comment:

  1. I loved the one you made for yourself and I love this one too!! And I so agree with you making things for our children - be it clothes, toys or food, is so rewarding.


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