Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meet Alice

While most of our gifts this year were hand-made by ourselves, there was one that was not (well, not by us that is).  A few weeks ago I started thinking seriously about getting Hadley a Waldorf doll.  She's been spending more and more time interacting with stuffed animals and dolls, and since Finley was pretty attached to his 'big boy' doll, I wanted to get something special for Hadley.  I started looking at kits, or directions to make a doll myself, but in the course of looking I came across this absolutely beautiful doll that looked just like Hadley, and fell in love.  The doll is from the Etsy shop Linguadora and is lovely; complete with toes, a belly button, and the sweetest dress, sweater, and shoes (which my barefoot little girl insisted on taking off for now).  At first glance these dolls seem pricey, but when you see how much time and care went into the details and the beautiful natural materials, it starts to seem like the doll is worth much more.  I know it is something Hadley will have and care for for many years.

I did have a chance to make the doll a matching hat to go with Hadley's bucket hat and am hoping to make a few more clothes in the future (and Finley is requesting some more clothes for his big boy), so it looks like there are even more projects ahead. 

Hadley has taken the doll everywhere and is showing her the same care I show Freja.  She's been rocked to sleep, nursed, swaddled, shown the garden, watched Finley use his new scooter, read books, and played games.  She's even got a name - Alice, or to be more specific - Alice Electra Caffine Beautiful.  Leave it to Hadley to come up with a name like that!


  1. Hello Alice!! She is lovely and it looks like she is very loved. I love the matching hats, so cute.

    Reece got his first Waldorf doll at Christmas, I also ordered one as making it was just not in the cards. I am amazed at the care he takes looking after it.

  2. She is very loved. After getting this one - I'm thinking Finley may need one too. His doll is special, but the Waldorf doll is just LOVELY!

  3. Gretchen~
    My heart is melting! It's bursting! The pictures are wonderful, you are so sweet, Hadley is adorable, I love the matching braids! I am so happy she likes her...I just want to hug you both.
    Alice's name made me LOL - caffeine was my sewing partner the day I made her!
    Also, the hats are so cute! I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  4. Sara - she really loves the doll. Thank you so much - she is going to be such a lovely part of Hadley's life. The name totally cracks me up as well!!


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