Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garden Musings

I seem to have a few problems at this time of year in the garden.  First, I always plant things too early because, well, I just get excited and can't help myself.  The second problem comes when I've got the spring seeds in the ground, and I am happily weeding and watering, and anxiously watching for the little seedlings to emerge.  Somehow those little seedlings just seem so small, and it is hard to imagine that they will ever become the sprawling squash plants and huge basils from last year.  When I set out the little seeds, I try very hard to follow the instructions and plant them the recommended distance apart (although I have been known to squeeze one extra in).  But somehow when I see those little seedlings and then see the half empty seed packs sitting on the shelf, I just can't help myself, and start to I wander aimlessly around the yard, sticking a melon seed here, and a bean seed there.  To add to this, the chickens managed to dig up several squash plants and eat the cucumbers, and I simply replaced these with whatever seeds were readily at hand.  So somehow the carefully planned garden beds are now a mash of seeds, probably planted much to close together.  It does make the growing season a bit more exciting, and keeps you on yours toes when you're weeding.  Someday, perhaps, I'll follow the guidelines, but for now, I do so love the feeling of unplanning plantings.  Really, you don't need a well planned garden to get something beautiful and yummy, all you need to do is stick a seed in the ground - and that is truly marvelous!

I am a huge fan of early season crops.  With all the work of putting in the garden it is so rewarding to actually get something out of the garden.  The strawberries are ripening faster then we can eat them, and everyday there is a salad fresh from the garden. 

So far I am beyond excited about our tomato plants.  This is the first year that we've managed to raise tomatoes from seeds that look like they may actually make it.  I'm not sure what qualifies as too many tomato plants, but I think we may be in the category this year.  (hmm hmm - notice the squash growing next to the tomato in the picture below - definitely the result of one of my 'let's squeeze in a few more seeds' days).

The front flower bed is looking better.  We dug up a lot of red rock mulch last year from the previous owner and put in topsoil and compost.  There are a mixture of wildflowers, a few perennials, and a couple annuals here, with just enough color and texture to keep it interesting.  

What I really need now is a few solid hours to get some weeding done, perhaps next week, this weekend we are off for some fun in Vermont with lots of ladies and lots of kids!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. I figure as long as you are eating food that you grew in your own garden and it tastes good, the process doesn't really matter much. Enjoy!


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