Monday, June 25, 2012

4 Years Old

This weekend we celebrated Hadley's and Finley's 4th birthday.  For the first time we invited friends to celebrate on Saturday, followed by a family party that evening.  Despite a bit of hail during the actual party, our 'Things with Wings' party was a success.  There were a few planned activities (make your own wings, paper airplanes, and tissue paper butterflies), but with the weather, we mostly just played and ate. 

Hosting and celebrating a birthday for twins is a bit challenging - trying to give each twin a special moment for just their birthday, without having 2 parties, or two of everything.  We always sing each of them happy birthday alone with their own cake, but for now we have just one party.  Since their birth story is naturally so linked together, it seems only natural that parts of their birthdays are shared.  As they grow I'm sure this will change.

One thing I love about birthdays, is the excuse to make a few new presents for the twins toy collection. This year I tried to keep these toys simple and homemade, although there were a few purchased gifts (I can't wait to introduce you to Alice soon).  Below I'm sharing a few of their homemade gifts.

These felt belts and headbands were very simple to make with a bit of velcro and elastic.  The velcro allows the kids to change the decorations for different dress up occasions (everything from a dog to a king).

To go with our growing animal collection, I made a few simple people (a shepherd, a boy and some fairies), some more natural blocks and few sturdy fences.  Creating toys for my children with my own hands and quality supplies is incredibly rewarding, and watching their creative minds use these toys is amazing.

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  1. Happy birthday to Hadley and Finley!! And happy birthing day Gretchen.

    Looks like a great day of fun. Love the toys you made, so very special.


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