Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We love worms.  They are good for the soil, they feed the birds, they wiggle, and they are so slimy to touch.  The last few days as we've been digging fence posts out of the ground - not the most interesting activity for 3 years olds - however, we've found large number of these wiggly little friends.  Hadley and Finley gathered many of the worms and dispersed them into the different gardens.  Then Hadley decided to build a 'home for the worms.'  Hmm... thinks Mama, I have an idea.

Using an old glass jar, we made a worm jar.  We filled the jar with different layers of sand, soil, and larger material like leaves and dandelions.  Then we added a few worms and put the jar inside so it wouldn't flood in the rain (with the top off).  Within a day we could see the tunnels the worms built and some of the soil mixing with the sand.  We will be releasing our friends back to the garden soon, but for now are hoping to catch a glimpse of a worm going along the edge of the glass.

If you haven't read Doreen Cronin's Diary of a Worm, check it out, it is a favorite here.

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