Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reaching Up

Right now outside our window, our plantings from last year are reaching up, bending their leaves towards the sun, and sending new shoots to the sky. The satisfaction we take from planting, caring for, and eventually harvesting from these plants is immense.  While we have some places of our home with perennials and annuals (not for harvesting - ie our butterfly and bee garden) we take the most joy out of the edible plants.  These plants are not relegated to the distant backyard space, but are spread around our home, they are part of where we live. In edition to our annual vegetables, last year we planted:

25 asparagus
75 strawberries
6 raspberry bushes
4 apple trees
3 pear trees
2 quince trees
1 peace tree
1 cherry tree

This year we've added a few new plants that are just starting to send their growth out, and reach up for that precious bit of sunlight.  The last few days have been busy with plantings, and Freja has chewed on her fair share of dandelions while watching the rest of us dig.  This year we've added:

6 blueberry bushes
3 blackberry bushes
3 grapes
2 elderberry bushes

I can't wait to share their growth as the year grows.

There is one more thing reaching up these days, pulling herself up in fact, whether we're ready or not, she certainly is!

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